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Rassemussekredit your partner credit 

The loan in particular has become a funding option is particularly advantageous in these days of crisis where it is no longer easy to get a loan without having to comply with conditions of funding drastic. The consumer credits classics remain dear up to 15% interest rate on average, and even 20% for the credit revolving. Rassemussekredit provides loans at interest rates varying between 3% and 8% per year. Make a request online

Rassemussekredit your partner credit 

Rassemussekredit is the first website dedicated to the loan for individual or lending between individuals. With Rassemussekredit access the credit available to individuals without going through a bank. A loan to an individual may also well apply to an individual in a company in the form of money lending, conventional or micro-credit.

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Finding investors is an attractive alternative to traditional financing or loans. We as private investors invest or finance many things including real estate, business start-ups, working capital, private equity, technology and much more.

A good opportunity to involve private investors in your own projects. Whether it is private credit, private equity, venture capital / venture capital, there are many alternative forms of financing in the private capital market and the right model for each situation and we are here for you. to help.

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