About Us

The reflex of most individuals in search of credit is to contact only their own bank without consulting the offers proposed by the rest of the credit agencies. However, it is possible to take out a loan with any of these lenders and creditors. So, it is strongly advised to compare offers the largest number of banks in the optics to obtain the most advantageous conditions.

In this framework, the broker loan acts as an intermediary between you and the banks. Its objective is to search and negotiate to your place is the loan most suitable to your situation and your needs at the time.

Why use Rassemussekredit ?

The expertise of our consultants in the field of credit, as well as partnerships with local and national established with several banks allows us to negotiate for you the best conditions in order to achieve a ready optimized (attractive interest rate, processing times are optimized, etc.).

Whatever your problem, we are looking with you the most suitable solution and ensure the whole research process up to the obtaining of the loan. In addition, we are committed to not collect any fees prior to obtaining the funds.

In which cases we seek ?

Has Rassemussekredit., we are general practitioners of the credit and therefore we are able to accompany you in all your steps of financing : real estate loan, credit redemption, personal loan, credit conso, bridge loans, loans work, a redemption of units of joint ownership (one-off payment), repos, loan professional...

Conditions to get a loan personal without Proof. The Credit Guide

Solution of funding between € 500 and € 75,000, the loan consumer is governed by strict rules, protected by the code of consumption in order to keep borrowers informed and to empower lenders. It is only granted to individuals for special needs. To be eligible for a credit fast and easy, it is necessary that the financial situation of the applicant is healthy and allows him to pay off his personal credit without proof. After a response of principle immediate for a credit of 1000 euros or a loan of 5000 euros, the lending body shall examine the situation of the latter, and its request of credit quick online before granting him a loan without proof; this is to avoid any situation of over-indebtedness. It is important to know that a loan, you are committed, it is better to check your repayment capacity before you commit and sign up for a credit without proof of use, resources or income.

The different types of consumer credit. 

There are different types of credit with amounts often sought, such as credit 10000 euros or loan of 2000 euros, and different situations correspond to a type that is specific enough to provide desired rates of interest (APR or Annual percentage Rate) will vary depending on the loan selected. If it comes to the purchase of a vehicle, the applicant will turn naturally towards the loan auto rates and the options are interesting. For people who have the redevelopment work to be undertaken, there is the credit work. The real estate loan is made for those who wish to acquire a property, and whose rates are the lowest, but the duration is long-term. For other reasons that the applicant does not wish to justify, the credit for consumption without online credentials is the most appropriate. People in financial difficulty or facing a situation of over-indebtedness can also reduce their monthly payments through the redemption of credit, but the refund will be extended